Monday, September 30, 2013

Welcome to the Farm

I started out a few years back making lip butters for myself. I could never find a tube when I needed it, so I figured if I made it, then I could have as many tubes as I needed. Wrong! I still can't keep up with them. Anyway, I found that I did really love what I made (when I can find it). So I decided to begin to sell it for a little pocket money. Now I have lip butter, body oils and creams, bath soaks and scrubs and more to come. I use all natural ingredients. These products can be used for you, your babies, even your farm animals. Try some today!  I think you'll love them.

For the time being-until I get an online ordering system in place- you can call, email, of fax your orders.  I will call or email you with the total.  Payments can be mad through Paypal at the email provided or cash or check.  I can deliver in the Edmond area for a small charge or mail to you.  Shipping is $4.95.

Here is the info I need from you;

Email  or phone-for confirmation only.  I will not call or text you otherwise.  NO SPAM!
Quantity, scent or flavor and size of item(s) ordered.

Here is what you need to order

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