Bathing Beauties-Soaks, Scrubs, and Oils

Oatmeal and Milk Bath Soaks
We've all heard of the calming effects of oatmeal in your bath and the wonders a milk bath will do for your skin. I've combined them both in this refreshing soak. I also use this as a face mask. Just add a little to yogurt or avocado and smear it on. Heck it's natural, I guess you could eat it too!

oats, dry milk, cocoa butter, essential oils

Available in the following scents:

3 ounce package-$4.25 + 7.5% sales tax = $4.57
6 ounce package-$7.50 + 7.5% sales tax =$8.06

Sweet as can Bee Sugar Scrub
For those times when you need a little more help with dry skin here is your answer. I love this for those area like knees, elbows, and feet. Use it from the neck down for an all over softness you just can't get with a wash cloth and soap. Please use it before you shave though. Your skin is a little more sensitive after a shave and this may cause slight discomfort if used after shaving. It is an oily product so you tub can get slippery. Just a heads up so you don't bottoms up!

Available in Citrus Spice or Mint

Sugar, honey, coconut and grapeseed oil, vitamin E, essential oils

8 ounce-$8.00 _7.5% sales tax = $8.60

After Bath Body Oil

After a refreshing soak in your oatmeal and Milk Soak ora Sugar Scrub, smooth on some of this bath oil.  Your skin will thank you for it.

Great for babies too!

Olive, jojoba, coconut, and apricot oils.  Tangerine essential oil.

8 ounce bottle-$10.00+7.5% sales tax=$10.75

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